Sunday, September 13, 2009


Why Batu Pahat dont have Abercombie? WHY?! Never mind! I prefer dont have than have.If Batu Pahat got that shop,everyone will be,"Look at me! Look at me! I'm wearing this shirt! It costs me BLABLA!" so whatever! But i need that shirt i'm so desperate! But when i got the time to go Tebrau City,the nearest mall to my sister's house.Never mind! Just be grateful for what i have now :D Abercombie! You got my type man! When i look the website,my eyes suddenly full of sparkles! chring,chring! One of the bag attracts me! Fyi,i Love bags.Someday i would like to buy bags as many as i can afford :)

nice huh?!

Today,I went out to Bp Mall and bought a shirt,a simple green shirt.I love it! It's been so long that i dont have simple t-shirt,always buy the fancy-fancy dress but now i own it! When i was walking here,and there.I saw people drinking cool blogs! I love the pearls! Cool Blogs and Roibo or u can call as Bobo are the same.Nothing different.

My sister came back from KL,she bought crocs shoes! I hate it! She owns 3 shoes and me,only 1.I was mad at her and of course sulking! HAHA! That's what i do! :D She try to make me cheer up by saying this,"Bila Along gaji,Zati nak warna apa?" I was smiling but i pretend i was not smiling and she said,"Suka lah tuh!" Love it!

On the way back home,I saw a PIG! Original,Dead and Fresh PIG! In front of The Store.The Chinese people praying for the i dont know what to call and they put the FAT PIG and THIN GOAT! I was like Bloody-Hell! They know,H1N1 still here in Batu Pahat,Johor,Malaysia and they stiil want to put the PIG,the more the H1N1 will be.Dont they know the islam hate PIGS and so some of the Chinese,they said the pig is oily and full of fat.Eww! Oh! I forgot We're 1 Malaysia.Respect other's culture.


  1. hi , thnks fr following my blog . cantik blog ni , nice one :) keep on reading my blog , thank you . nice to know you . see you again . have a nice day , toodles =)

  2. ha'ah,
    beg tu lawa laa,!
    na jugak,!

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