Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ehem! It's been a year I didn't post anything.Actually not even a month? HAHA! I was thinking changing my blog URL.But I think and think and think.No need lah! I Love my URL.Just past my final exam.Yeah,just get few papers.The result okey la.The marks are increasing! But still not an [A].I can't believe that I got 66% for Agama Islam.Haha.The question was Hard! Aku main jawab jek.Haha.My last mark was 56%.Sucks isn't it? Haha.I got A for Kemahiran Hidup! Actually 79%,but that time I was bsent and Chia Min had the same mark and pergi Bodek cikgu.So we got 1 'markah kesian' from Cik NurulHuda and Cik Zuhaila.And for Mathematics,I got..Haha! 58%.Okey la kan? Increasing okey! From 45% to 58%,increased 13 points bebeh! Can't wait for TUT to hit the cinemas! But Malaysia is too slow! The movie supposed to come out on 20th but here,in Malaysia,26th or 27th.Slow kan? Sakit hati betul.