Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dah dapat ganti 1 hari puasa,esok puasa lagi and so on.Hihi! So actually yesterday i had kawad practise for Sports Day and i ponteng,hikhik.For sure lah kan? Gila ke apa masa puasa nak kawad.but for those who are too rajin to go,pergi lah kan idgad.HAHA! So tadi Pn Rateni talked about Open Day.She said there will be 2 teachers in charge,first is herself and another one is Pn Rashidah! Our History teacher! Darn it! Well,everyone is scared of her because she is also the discipline teacher who is totally strict! No doubt ;P So people from number 1 to 16 on Pn Rateni sides while 17 to 32 will be on her sides,i mean Pn Rashidah's sides.Alhamdullilah! I'm number 4! Wohoo! If i'm on her side,seriously she's going to condemned me and probably she will be talking about my performance during class and my exam results and ALSO my folio! That sucks! And finally i'm putting a lot of effort to finish it last night -.-

Fyi,i got number 8 out of 32! HAHA! And number 63 out of 200+ form 3 students,okay lah kan?

It's 1AM and i'm awake.Skype-ing with Safawati HAHA! Almost everyday we'll webcam-ing! ;)

And one more thing,i miss him so badly! Why did this feeling come? I don't even know :(

Monday, June 20, 2011


Just passed my mid-year exam and this Friday i'll be having Open Day! Friday friday gotta get down on Friday! Ahh boring ah Rebecca Black! HAHA! So as you can see my passed few results were sucks! Teruk gila nak mati okay? HAHA! Dulu Maths C or D! Teruk kan? Haaa,tau tau! So lepas dah tuition Maths for 2 years sekarang markah i dah meletup-letup! Okay riak sekejap,HAHA!

BM- 65% (B)
BI- 83% (A)
MATHS- 95% (A)
SCIENCE- 89% (A)
AGAMA- 83% (A)
SEJARAH- 62% (C)

Nampak tak? Nampak tak? HAHA! 5A 2B 1C! Sejarah spoil lah weh! Adoi! Ohh tambah lagi 2A untuk PJK dengan PSK! HAHA! So 7A 3B 1C! Hoping for the good times this Friday! Hurm,esok puasa ganti! Hihi,lagi 7 hari tak ganti! Bye-bye! ;)