Thursday, August 20, 2009


as i said yesterday.i want to show u my dream house but the paper jaja dh buang.bongok kau jaja! dh tntu aku nk sbb tuh aku smpan dlm fail kauuuu! i feel 3003 regrets of giving her the drawing.hahaha! jaja jgn is nasrin's birthday.she brought chocolate cake,36 chocolate cake(aku siap kire sbb mne tau ade lbeh aku nk).but while she was giving the cake i was so buzy and focusing playing THE CUBE.then suddenly she came to me."dh dpt kek blom?" "blom!" "kek dh abis" "oh ok.(smbung maen cube tuh blik)" "abis2 kau x mkn?" "x perla.x mati pown aku x mkn".last2 i got ate that cake.hurmm..two people gave me the cake.1 from spe ntah.x ingt.and from of course la i amik org yg cpt bgi aku.tol x? when jaja gave the cake i said i already eat.haha! her face was like this =.=" haha!

nasrin's birthday is better than my birthday.we sang her befday songs.malay ade,english ade & cine pown ade.tpi chinese jek yg nnyi aku lalalala jek.we sing too many songs until pn remi asked us to quiet.hahaha! until 1 neptune pown nnyikan dye.aku x pown.but never mind,sye brsyukur.hahaha.

today i am suppose to puase or ganti puase.only left two days only.i forgot lah.haha! next year lah.
just now i went to see dentist.wahaha! after more than 30 mins waiting,the result is going home with nothing.go to guardian buy some jajan and chocolate.kecur tgok bdk tuh mkn.hakhak! the dentist said i have to cabut 3 teeth.byk x? byk gler.kebas bbir aku.kne ptong pown x rse.hahaha! lpas cabut kne pkai braces.pika,aku kne pkai braces jgk weyh.tpi lpas raye la(gne duit raye.hikhik).umo dh 13 ade hrapan ke dpt smpai 2 rtus lbey? nmpknyer x...

(Dora The Explorer)
bnci cite tuh.
dh tau ps2 nk tnye2.
pkir la sndri.

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