Wednesday, August 19, 2009


today got maju diri.the speaker is funny but he's game is stupid but fun.hahaha! he asked us to have a i'm with jaja.then he gave us a paper and a cloth.a pink cloth.the odd number hold the paper and the even number hold the cloth.then,the odd number had to tie the cloth to close the even number's eyes i'm the even number jaja is the odd number.wahaha.after that,the odd number had to draw their dream house with their eyes closed and the even number had to say positive words to support the odd number to draw more beautiful and my drawing quite BEAUTIFUL.haha.better than the others.but the paper at jaja.i forgot to take! stoo-pid.if not i will show u my BEAUTIFUL drawing.tomorrow insyaallah i post lah.u remind me la.ok? now i want to chat with my sister.aduhh! i forgot to sembahyang isyak.nnti la sblom tidor (x baek lengah2 kan,pntingkn smbahyang dri hiburan).yerla! i ask my sister to wait if she wants.bye guys!

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