Friday, July 31, 2009


it's been a while tht i didn't posted anything yet in my i'm starting to make my blog active again..this few days many interesting things had happened..first,i was chosen to become pengawas percubaan =.="
second,my exam result was unsatisfying especially english..third,my maths mark is awful..fourth,my sister bought me robert pattinson's biography bcause i asked to..thank you sis!fifth,this sunday i'm going to bp mall with my friends to play bowling AGAIN and buy a friendship ring..sixth,i had an enjoying time with my friends at school by laughing all the time..(giler ker??)seventh,i went to chia min's birthday and i won the musical chair game..(HAHA!)

too many numbers...i'm waiting for my sister and i'm waiting for Sunday..the time is so slowww...

i'm making my blog interesting by putting pictures..

LOCATION: McDonald,Poo Chia Min's Birthday Party
making hideous face with ifa..

making 'control' face with ifa AGAIN..

mcdonald is delicous?

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