Friday, July 31, 2009


my sister bought me the book..before she let me to see that book,she asked me to help her to carry her i helped her la semata-mata for that book..XD after i carried her things,she gave me a plastic bag and i knew it's the book..then,i took out the book and i don't wana looked at it..when i opened my eyes,it was not the book that i want..
same type but different..because there's only 1 type least i have his book..but i still like sister bought it at harris..that time,buku tu tinggal 3..luckily,i asked my sister to buy that book quickly..and the price cannot tell doesn't mean that it is cheap!haha!there are so many pictures of him inside the book..and those pictures don't have in internet..haha..the best part is..i got free poster of him!!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!wicked!!!

this is the book!and the small box that has a picture of him is the 'gambaran' of the poster..

this is the real book that i want..but never mind..i will buy it next time..and i 'bersyukur' because i have one of his book..

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