Friday, October 15, 2010

Things really changed.

Well guys! I'm back after 10 months I abandoned my blog.Things a bit changed.I changed my bf and I changed my likes.Once my bf was Robert Pattinson.You know him right? The Edward Cullen,sexiest vampire ever derr! And now Choi Siwon has replaced him.(You can see the picture of him on your right).This things happened because of my dream.Which I actually dreamt about this man that has amazing smiles and face.But suddenly I didnt like him because of something?

About Choi Siwon.I can get to know his progress through Twitter.He always update his Twitter but sometimes he didnt update because of some reasons.Maybe he's busy with his packed schedule.The acting,modelling and recording songs.Ohh,I forgot to tel you guys that he's a singer and a member of Super Junior.Basically,they are my favourites.I had bought their latest 4jib album.I'm planning to go to SS3 and maybe buy Lower Tier Seat so I can see and interact with them :)

I also interested in Korean stuffs.I wish I had long and thin legs like those korean girls.But I have the carrot typed of legs! I'm thinking to learn korean words.But,I have to prepare for my final exams!!

I have a Twitter account so that I can interact with Korean artists.Well exactly I dont know why they signed up for Twitter instead of Facebook.Hurm,no need to tell me because I've already know the answer.Haha.I didnt tell anyone about my username,so people who know my username please keep your mouth shut!

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