Wednesday, August 5, 2009

think,think and think!

do u still remember the friendship ring that i told you that i'm gonna buy it at bp mall??well..i already bought that's stainless steel..the price is RM blablabla.jaja bought two for friendship and one for her Jensen Ackles..=.="

Today,during english class..teacher asked us to write a dialogue about planning a class picnic..shahida(wawa),noreen,hamizah,nasrin and I are in the same group..i was making this stupid dialogue..u can read it below..

Me: Eh Nasrin! Let's plan for a class picnic at Pulau Tioman.
Hamizah: I love Pulau Tioman.
Nasrin: Yippie!
Noreen: Yo!
Wawa: What's going on?
Nasrin: We are planning a class picnic at Pulau Tioman.
Wawa & Noreen: Wow! We love it!! 2x
Me: Before we go for a picnic.We need some food but we have to buy the ingredients.
Hamizah: First,we have to make a shopping list.
Noreen: I will bring two chocolate cakes,plates,forks and plastic glasses.
All: Yummy! 2x
Nasrin: Zati! You should bring five loaves of breads and beef soup! Don't too hot eh!
Hamizah: What about me?
Izzati: Hmm.....Ha!! You better bring chicken rice.Make sure the chicken are tender.
Wawa: I'll bring the sandwiches and Coca Cola..Camni-lah!! 2x
All: Hahaha!
Nasrin: What about basket,mat and tissues? Who will bring it?
All except Nasrin: You lah! =.="
Noreen: I will arrange everything for this activity.Yeah!

I want to read the shopping list..when i want to read..noreen wrote 5 pieces of chicken..I felt very weird..
bcause 5 pieces are too little..then, i don't know how to pronounce 5 birds of chicken..i just said 5 ekor of chicken..then everybody was laughing including me..i think our group is best la jugakk!haha! :)
p.s.afifah was absent! >:P

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