Tuesday, August 25, 2009



last night,i was watching the biggest loser.haha.their trainers body look so good man! especially jillian michaels.why i cant get such a great body like her.maybe i cannot look at delicious food or my eliur cant get any worse.hahaha.once i watch this show,a man can lost 100 and more pounds.but last night,the most was 13 pounds only and the least 3 pounds.not bad.
jillian michaels :)

after the biggest loser,i watched the hot chick.hahaha.that movie i already watch but i feel like i want to watch it again man.rob schneider sooo funny,i hate him.hahaha.billy quite handsome.hahaha.but he cannot beat robert pattinson neither alex pettyfer or chase crawford.hahaha.

*i hate him man!

i can't wait to watch the ugly truth man! bila nk keluar nih.lambat betul.seems that movie so great because got gerard butler my second man.hahaha! he quite handsome what.if u dont know him,he in the p.s. i love you.that great movie also! why must he has to act in great movies.i think he's rich.keching-keching!
*handsome tak?

today,i'm having my buka puasa at my atok's house.since sunday i ask my father,"bile nk buka uma atok?" then my father said "rabu." so today is 'rabu' so,i'm gonna meet all my aunts,uncles,cousins and more! mcm best jek.but i can't feel that fun bcause i have Aminah's reason.haha.so what? natural phenomena beb!

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